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Choosing the Right Wine Glass

When evaluating wine, it is always prudent to consider using a wine glass. Before wine is classified fit for consumption, it has to be evaluated at all times. Since time immemorial, people have been tasting wine during the process of manufacturing. In a bid to improve the quality of wine, professional methods of testing have been developed.

Wine tasters including sommelier is used. A wine taster makes it easy to discern the most suitable wine to use. A wine glass is made up of different parts including the bowl, foot and the stem. The main reason why a wine glass has a bowl if for carrying the wine content. The custom wine glasses are designed in different shapes and styles. The design of a particular glass wine is of importance as it determines people’s perception.

The custom wine glass is held by the stem, mostly when consuming very cold wine. The reason is to prevent contact with body temperature which might alter the wine’s temperature. Placing the wine glass on a flat surface is the most assured way of preventing it from toppling over.

Lead crystal has been over the time preferred in the designing of the custom wine glass. This is because they make high quality glass due to their relatively higher refraction index. Normal glasses are usually lighter than those made of lead crystal. There are numerous health concerns which have been reported due to lead ingestion. The popularity of lead free crystal glasses has been on the rise. The main reason why lead glasses do not have any coloration is to bring out the color of wine.

The significance of the shape of the design of a wine glass is very instrumental. The general perception of clients is influenced by the shape of the wine glass. The aroma and flavor of the wine is influenced by the appearance of the wine glass. This is taken into account by the taste buds on the tongues.

It is commonplace for a wine glass that has a smaller diameter than the mouth to be developed. It is always imperative to ensure that the wine glass has a fascinating design at all times. Of late, stemless wine glasses are available in the market and preferred by many clients. There are different shapes and sizes of wine glasses.

Basically, wine glasses are categorized into three main branches entailing the red wine glass, champagne flute and also the white wine glass. Having a rounder and wider bowl is the main feature of red wine glass. The design of the wine glass is essential to accelerate oxidation rate of the wine. Air (oxygen) combines chemically with the wine and improving the taste and the aroma.